Resident Permit in Turkey

1. What is a resident visa?

Any person who has foreign nationality, wishes to stay in Turkey till 90 days must make a request in order to obtain a visa with indicating the purpose of his/her stay, from the Consulate of Turkey in the city where he/she resides or from the Consulate of State of which he/she is citizen. The validity duration of the visa or the duration of visa exemption for stay in Turkey may not exceed 90 days within 180 days. In this context, Several European countries, including the French nationals are exempted from visa for the first 90 days. However, the Belgians, for example, need to apply for visa for entry in Turkey.

2. Where to obtain a visa?

Visa applications are submitted and granted by the Consulate of Turkey of your place of residence. Exceptionally, you can also obtain a visa at the borders when you enter in Turkey.

3. When do I need a resident permit and how does it work?

Any person who has foreign nationality wishes to stay in Turkey, beyond 90 days, must obtain a resident permit. The person who obtained a residence permit must use the residence permit within six months following the obtainment otherwise, at the end of such period; the residence permit shall no longer be valid. The demand for resident permit for persons who are not in Turkey, must be made before the Consulate of Turkey situated at the place of residence.

For those who are already in Turkey, they must make their application through the internet in order to obtain an appointment, [the appointment dates are veryfar], with the Ministry of Interior, General Directorate of Immigration in Vatan Caddesi for the first request. For renewals, as well the competent authority is Ministry of Interior, General Directorate of Immigration in Vatan Caddesi. The person making the request of resident permit must have a passport valid for 60 days minimum.

4. When the residence permit is need to be renewed?

The renewal must be done 60 days before the expiry of the permit, or not later than the date of expiration before Ministry of Interior, General Directorate of Immigration in Vatan Caddesi. While waiting the renewal period, it is granted a proving document so that the foreigner can legally reside in Turkey.

The renewal period begins on the date of expiry of the residence permit. Foreigners who have obtained a residence permit or a work permit at the Turkish Consulate of their place of residence must register at the “service address” in Turkey in the 20 working days of their date of entry on the Turkish territory.

5. In case of possession of a work permit valid?

The foreigner who received a work permit also receives proof of exemption from resident permit. In case where the work permit expires, the foreigner must apply for resident permit in accordance with the reason for his/her stay.

6. What are the types of residence permit?

• Short Term Resident Permit
• Family Resident permit,
• Student Resident permit,
• Long Term Resident permit,
• Humanitarian Resident permit,
• Resident permit for victims of Human Trafficking.

7. Who can obtain a resident permit of short duration?

• Those foreigners coming to Turkey for scientific research,
• Those foreigners who own immovable property in Turkey,
• Those foreigners coming to Turkey for business relations or invest in Turkey,
• Those foreigners coming to Turkey to attend a formation program,
• Those foreigners coming to Turkey e within the scope of international student exchange programs or in line with the agreements which Turkey stands as a party,
• Those foreigners coming to Turkey for tourist purposes,
• Those foreigners coming to Turkey for medical treatment except for those illnesses might cause a threat to public health,
• Those foreigners who must stay in Turkey due to the request or the decision of the judicial or administrative authorities,
• Those foreigners who seek transition from Family resident permit to short-term residence permit,
• Those foreigners coming to Turkey to attend Turkish Language Courses might be granted with short-term residence at most two times,
• Those foreigners coming to Turkey for education, research, internships, and courses in Turkey through the way of public institutions,
• Those who apply, in the six months as from the date of getting of their certificate of a Turkish university.
The resident permit of short duration is issued only for a period of one year for each request.

8. What are the conditions for obtaining the residence permit of short duration?

• Having a decent housing, to meet the criteria and standards for security,
• Justify of a clean criminal record issued by the competent authorities of his/her country of citizenship or residence,,
• Provide an address of residence in Turkey.
• Compulsory Health Insurance
• Justify of a certain sum for the desired duration of stay
• Taxation Number
* Additional documents may be requested by the authorities.

9. What are the reasons for a refusal, cancellation or refusal of renewal of a short-term residence permit?

• In case of official report of the use of residence permit in another way from the reason for which the permit was granted,
• In case of stay exceeding 120 days outside of Turkey,
• In case of a decision of deportation or refusal of entry

10. Who may obtain a family resident permit?

• The foreign spouse,
• The child or the minor child of the foreign spouse,
• The child under his/her responsibility or under the responsibility of the foreign spouse,
• Those foreigners who own secondary-protection status, refugees and persons who lost Turkish citizenship by obtaining renunciation permit
Family Residence permit can be issued at most for two year terms on each application However, the duration of the resident permit linked family, may never exceed the permit duration granted to the supportive person.

11. What are the conditions for obtaining family resident permit?

• To have monthly income not less than Turkish minimum wage which is also no less than one third of minimum wage for per household members
• To have appropriate accommodation conditions in Turkey in line with general health and security standards
• To have a health insurance covering all members of the family
• to prove not convicted with any domestic violence or similar crimes within 5 years prior to the application date,
• To reside in Turkey at least one year with a valid resident permit,
• To be registered with Turkish Address Registration System

12. What are the conditions for obtaining the long-term residence permit?

The foreigners who have resided, without interruption for minimum 8 years in Turkey and who fulfill the conditions laid down by the Council of Ministers, may, from this fact, obtain the long-term resident permit l by the prefecture with the consent of the department.

• Should have lived at least 8 years, without interruption with a resident permit, in Turkey,
• Should not be granted with social help within last three years.
• Should have adequate and regular resources for personal or family livelihood Should have valid health insurance covering all members of the family,
• Should not be considered as a threat to public order or public security