Our Values

The client relationship is our number one priority. We demonstrate this by making the following commitments:
High availability, low response time.
We set the initial meeting within one week of your call, or within 48 hours in case of an emergency.
We always respond to your emails and relevant requests as soon as possible and no later than 48 hours upon receipt, unless specific research is needed. We always are at your disposal for making calls if needed and in case of unavailability; we will always call you back within 24 hours.
Generally speaking we make the following commitments in order to achieve the best possible outcome and guarantee the maximum protection of the interests entrusted to us.


We will thoroughly explain our proposed strategy and the technical points of your file.
We make sure that you always validate all communication to the opposing party, including petitions, important letters and contracts.
With regard to the facts of your file, we will always obtain from you any and all information available. Listening our clients is one of our priorities.
We will immediately inform you about any major developments regarding your case and we will provide you with all material coming from the opposing party, excepting confidential exchanges between lawyers.


  • Knowing our clients, their business, their activities and their constraints;
  • Always standing by their side and defending their interests in a spirit of a true partnership;
  • Identifying their goals and expectations in legal, economic and social levels;
  • Measuring and determining pragmatic methods to be implemented;
  • Prioritizing amicable resolution of conflicts, to avoid uncertainties and delays of legal proceedings whenever possible;
  • Meeting deadlines and procedural schedules, making every effort to avoid dismissals;
  • Taking immediate action in any emergency, by establishing an optimized organization;

Transparency and Retainer Fees

  • Establishing a retainer fee agreement and advising the client from the beginning about the estimated cost and procedures for determining fees and expenses required for completion of the case; that’s how we ensure that all conditions of the rate card are perfectly clear at the beginning of the relationship.
  • We want to ensure total transparency on fees, which is why this issue is discussed at the initial meeting.
  • Keeping our client informed of the case progress and provide her with information and documents in a timely fashion in order to allow our client to make informed decisions;
  • Fees are determined based on the complexity of the case, the time commitment required, financial requirements, and urgency. Most often, a fixed fee is determined for the completion of all necessary services. On rare occasions, when it is not possible to pre-determine the amount and nature of services which will be required for the case, an hourly rate is established.


  • Practicing in compliance with the law and with a dedication to dignity, conscience, independence, integrity, and humanity;
  • Setting an example of sensitivity, modesty and finesse;
  • Immediately informing the client of any risks of conflicts of interest;
  • Always respecting principles of loyalty, confidentiality and professional secrecy;