Regardless of the nature of the dispute or the field of law, ADR methods may be useful tools and options to put an end to an ongoing dispute.

ADR is one of the Firm’s core practices. Our ADR specialists therefore have extensive experience in handling international commercial arbitrations in a broad range of industries, including in particular, the construction, media, and telecommunication. We basically assist clients during all stages of an arbitration process including the preparation phase, the arbitration hearings and the post-arbitration enforcement to recognition of the award.

Our primary goal is to resolve disputes to our clients’ satisfaction as efficiently as possible. We work hard for developing and implementing innovative commercial solutions for the amicable settlement of the disputes. We further understand that settlement negotiations facilitated by third-party mediation often provide successful outcomes achieved faster and more economically than through traditional litigation methods.

Effective, successful use of ADR mechanisms requires counsel with specialized training and experience. Our team is trained and experienced in the advocacy skills required as well for a successful mediation. The ADR practice is led by Ms. Banu ANIL-ANTONETTİ who utilizes her strong knowledge, and academic background to successfully perform her role as an arbitrator and mediator.