Our highly-rated practice has been involved in cross-border transactions across a wide variety of sectors, including technology, media, automobile, mining environment, and surveillance.

From the very beginning of an M&A process regardless of our Firm’s position in the transaction whether at buyer or seller side, our team partners with clients and remain engaged throughout the transaction and as well as the post-transactional integration period. Our M&A specialists collaborate with other practices within the Firm to procure the best specialized knowledge and experience that is relevant to the transaction, particularly in real estate, tax, employee benefits, dispute resolution, intellectual property and antitrust.

We are highly experienced in negotiating and drafting transaction documents, designing strategic control mechanisms, sector specific exit strategies and minority protection rights. Our M&A practice consists of corporate restructuring such as de-mergers, separation of business lines or specific assets and integration of them into another corporate structure; acquisitions, mergers, strategic alliances and joint ventures; drafting the agreements and transaction documents relevant to these practices, carrying out the due diligence and negotiations during every step and phase of the transaction, obtaining the necessary permits and licenses on sectorial basis and post-transaction reorganization for maintaining sustainability and compatibility to local corporate regulations.